'Hands off!,

No excuse now, its clear the toolbox is mine!'

Welcome to Pink Force, glad you found our website.  

We are proud to bring you this premium made, lightweight pink tool box from Pink Force designed for like minded people who simply want a toolbox to call their own.  Pink Force is a Mother and Daughter born idea which simply came about from pure frustration of hunting for tools through a dirty, greasy, spider and cobweb filled garage. All the tools that had been given to me by father or proudly purchased over the years to do simple DIY jobs which were lost amongst piles of power tools, borrowed and worn down, misplaced or broken and no matter how many times replaced would always end up the same way.

With many years of Customer Service Experience and Marketing we decided to manufacture and sell online a toolbox meant to stand out.  With a passion for pink and wanting to stand out with a 'touch if you dare' feel we decided to search the world for a company to produce our products.  After months of hard work we are now in a position to offer you our Premium Pink Toolboxes.  With quality assured, next day delivery these toolboxes make an ideal gift or purchase for anyone like us!

© 2018 Pink Force 

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